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COMPANY BIOGRAPHYShort story about us

Tarouk has more than 40 years of experience in the field of construction with a wide range of technical services including Turnkey Projects for Industrial plants.

Commercial Centers,Towers, Office Buildings, Private Banks and Royal Palaces.

Our story started in 1979 with electromechanical works with fully qualified engineers, technicians and labors…

It is the policy of Saudi Lebanese Tarouk Contracting Company Limited to be totally committed to quality fit for the purpose and to design, construct, operate and maintain various projects at a quality level that will meet or exceed contract requirements.



This is a brief of our services and work



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Check out our portfolio and projects

Riyadh Public Transport Control Center

National Control Center Building

Saudi Press Authority

Graduation Hall Air Base

Information and Technology communication complex ITCC

Dammam Broadcast Station

Pension Fund Building



Stay up-to-date with our work, and check out our latest posts

Medical Village

Riyadh Medical Village

Saudi Press Agency

World Globe Auditorium

Samsung as their strategic partner

Samsung Appreciation

Wadi Qortuba Project

Cornerstone ceremony of berms in Wadi Qortuba Project

Saudi Press Agency at Riyadh

handmade ceramic earth globe


Saudi Lebanese Tarouk new project RIWAQ CORDOBA MALL phase 1 Riyadh KSA

Qurtoba Oasis Compound

Mockup villa ready in Qurtoba Oasis compound



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